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Nick Carter

Wouldn't you want to kiss them lips?????? *sigh sigh*

Nicholas Gene Carter mostly called Nick. (a.k.a. Frack, Chaos, Mr Hyper man) was born on January 28 1980.(he is an Aquarius)Horoscope He is the youngest member of BSB. He is also my most favorite. Nick is 18 years old and his hobbies include Playing nintendo,Basketball,and anything to do with water. I think Nick has such a different personality. I really love it. It is not crazy like AJ yet it is. He always acts himself and he does not go out of his way to be the center of attention. He is so down to earth and easy to talk to. he is just a regular guy. I would love to meet him.I love when he makes cute little funny faces. he seems like one of those guys that you would have a huge crush on in High School. just the kind of guy who got along with everyone and was sweet and knew how to make you laugh. He seems so sincere and like he knows how to treat a lady. Although he is not as experienced as the other guys the way he does things is so different. I think he would make anyone feel comfortable and he could cheer anyone up. His blonde hair and Blue eyes make him even more adorable. Although I usually don't go for that in a guy but Something about Nick made me look twice and after I saw him talking on TV and the way he would get kind of shy yet be himself he reminded me of myself. I love the fact that he thinks "When it comes to love age is just a number". That really made my day and made me so happy since I three and a half years older than him. I still think we would get along great. I mean look at him and Brian. and they are best of friends. : ) Nick was born in Jamestown,NY and now resides in Tampa/Ruskin, Fl. His mother's name is Jane and His father's name is Robert. He has four younger siblings B.J.(16) Leslie (13) and the twins Aaron and Angel (10). Aaron is now on tour with BSB and is the opening act. Nick's favorite color is Green. His favorite actors and actresses are Sigourney Weaver and Jeff Goldbloom. His favorite movie is Aliens. His musical inspirations include Journey (Lead singer Steve Perry), Boyz II Men, Nirvana, Jodeci, Michael Jackson. (I have loved journey since Nick was one) ; ) His favorite TV shows are beavis and butthead and Mad about you. and his all time favorite food is Pizza. he loves LOTS of cheese. I think Nick is the most down to earth BSB there is. He laughs at his mistakes (when he makes some) and he acts himself all the time. I wish there were more guys like Nick. He is so special and genuine. Always nice and sweet he has definitly won my heart. : )



Anywhere for Nick