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(Feb 19-Mar 20)

Brian was Born on February 20, 1975. Which makes him a Pisces. Pisces are kind, perceptive, sensitive and look at the souls of others rather than what is on the outside. They always make it obvious when your the object of their affections. Pisces are truly looking for their soulmate and when someone does not live up to their expectations they may be very dissappointed. Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac which makes them have qualites of all the signs. They can be moody as a cancer, Fun Loving as a Sagittarian, or as self concerned as an aries. Pisces are very compassionate people who cannot bear to see others or animals in pain.

SOME POSITIVE QUALITIES ARE: Imaginitive, sensitive,compassionate, kind, sympathetic and intutive.

SOME NEGATIVE QUALITIES ARE: Easily led, weak-willed, secretive, skeptical, idealistic and escapist.

THESE SIGNS ARE BEST WITH A PISCES: Romance- Cancer Marriage- Virgo Fooling around with-Libra

In the Chinese Zodiac Brian is a Rabbit. People born under that sign are gentle, affectionate,graceful,considerate,modest, thoughtful and kind. Rabbits are characterized as peaceful loving people. I definitly think Brian fits into this catagory. In General Rabbits make great company easy to talk to and always willing to listen. on the negative side rabbits are considered cold at times. They also guard there privacy quite jealously.


(January 21-February 19)

Nick was born on January 28, 1980. Which makes him an Aquarius. Aquarians are open minded and progressive. They are inventive, original and idealistic. They may look perfectly normal yet have very different idea's. so even though they may pass off as one of us they dont feel like one of us. In love they need someone who will inderstand their independence and won't feel threatened by it. and in return they will offer their partner the same kind of freedom. Aquarians are friendly, sarcastic forward thinking and are always open to new idea's. They appear unusual in some way and are like magnets. They attract many people to them. This is so true for Nick look at how many girls Love him. : ) (I am one of them)

SOME POSITIVE QUALITIES: Friendly, honest,loyal,original independent,humanitarian- they will give their last dollar to a friend even if it is not a close friend.

SOME NEGATIVE QUALITIES: stubborn, negative, disobedient,unpredictable,unemotional and they like to be in their own world.

THESE SIGNS ARE BEST WITH AQUARIUS: Romance-Gemini Marraige-Leo fooling around with-Virgo

In the Chinese Zodiac Nick's Sign is the Goat. Goats tend to melt the heart's of other's because of their sincere,gentle and compassionate nature. (Isn't this so true with Nicky, it is getting freaky) They are peaceloving,understanding and can be very forgiving. Goats sometimes let their emotions take over at times. Highly passive they need strong and loyal people to lean on.


(December 21-January 19)

AJ was born on January 9, 1978. Which makes him a capricorn. Capricorn's are ambitious, organizied and responsible. They are very kind people especially to others who have been nice to them or have done favors for them. They like to be in charge and if they are not it does not take them long to get there. Capricorn's usually live very long lives. : )

SOME POSITIVE QUALITIES: patient,careful,humorous,reserved,ambitious,disciplined,practical,cautious.

SOME NEGATIVE QUALITIES: pessimistic,cold,suspicious,sneaky,melancholy.

SOME SIGNS THAT ARE COMPATIBLE: Romance-Taurus Marraige-Cancer fooling around with- Leo

In the Chinese Zodiac AJ is a Snake. Snakes are charming,intelligent,deep thinkers,and understanding. They also respect others. Snakes make it to the top not by being pushy but by allowing themselves to be pushed. They are skillful,misleading,secretive and mysterious. Snakes can become possessive,demanding and distrustful. Although I don't feel AJ is this way they say Snakes are double crossing.


(July 22-August21)

Howie was born on August 22, 1973 which make him a Leo. Leo's have a lot of self confidence. They are dramatic,bold,creative and strong. no other sign can hold the spotlight like a Leo. They are fun to be around and are the life of the party. Leo's don't give up. They are determined stubborn, proud born to lead, generous and sometimes vain. Leo's love to be in love and expect admiration but give it back as well.

SOME POSTIVE QUALITIES: generous,warmharted,creative,enthusiastic,faithful and loving

SOME NEGATIVE QUALITIES: bossy,unfair,unchangeable,snippy,egotistic

SOME COMPATIBLE SIGNS ARE: Romance-Sagittarius Marraige-Aquarius fooling around with- Pisces

In the Chinese Zodiac Howie is an Ox. Ox's are trustworthy and dependable. They are self confident and steady. They are logical thinkers and are very down to earth. Ox's are calm methodical and tireless workers. They are very responsible. Ox's tend to be stuborn and unapproachable, and narrow minded.


(September 22-October 23)

Kevin was born on October 3, 1971 which makes him a Libra. Libra's are charming and have an active mind. They are friendly,popular, attractive and often idealistic. They take so much time in looking at different sides of an issue that they can not make up their mind and have a hard time in making decisions. Libra's are most happy when in love. They love to be in love and admired. They give much in return as well. They are romantic and cater to their partner.

SOME POSITIVE QUALITIES: charming,cooperative,neat, responsible SOME NEGATIVE QUALITIES: insincere,convincing,can't make up their minds

SOME COMPATIBLE SIGNS ARE: Romance- Aquarius Marraige- Aries fooling around with-Taurus

In the Chinese Zodiac Kevin's sign is the Boar. Boar's are honest loyal, steady and very patient. They are calm,understanding,sincere,and selfless. They give more to others than themselves. They are hard workers and are happy with what possessions they have. They can also say things before they think which can cause problems. They tend to be too gulliable and unsophisticated. They lack self reflection and when backed into a corner can be vicious.

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