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Kevin Richardson

October 3, 1972


Kevin Scott Richardson (a.k.a. Train, Mr. Bodybeautiful, Kev) was born on October 3, 1972.He is a Libra Horoscope He is 25 years old. Soon to be 26. Kevin is the oldest in the group which makes him more mature, serious and responsible. He is the one to keep things in line and make sure everyone acts how they are suppose to act. Kevin was born in Lexington, Kentucky but now resides in Orlando, Florida. His cousin is Brian Littrell. Kevin was in the group first and he then called Brian to come join the group. Kevin to me seems like he is laid back and serious and you have to get to know him first. Like he won't just open up to anyone and you have to make the first move or attempt to get his attention. I have heard from other fans that he is the nicest of all the BSB. People might think he is a snob when they meet him but he really is not he is just quiet. Kevin was Aladdin in Disney before he joined BSB. Kevin's mother's name is Anne. His father Gerald Passed away four years ago from cancer. He has two older brothers Tim (28) and Gerald (31). Kevin's favorite color is Royal Blue. His musical inspirations are Elton John, Billy Joel and Prince. His favorite TV shows are Roseanne and Martin. and his favorite movie is Top Gun and his favorite actor and actress is Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. Some of his hobbies include Basketball, football, playing the keyboard,water skiing, surfing,swimming and hockey. His favorite food is his mom's home cooking. Asian and anything with peanut butter. I think Kevin makes the group stay in line and on track. He is older and more serious and they need that sometimes. Plus now they have someone to get advice from and to talk to when they need it.

Chillin With BSB