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Backstreet Quotes

On The Attention.....

"Sometimes I wish we could go around unnoticed. But overall, We're pretty much hams and we love the attention..."-Kevin

"Personally, I like it when fans do crazy things.."-Nick

"The attention doesn't really bother me, but sometimes things do get hectic and we get pulled in different directions. It can get on top of some of the other guys, but I'm used to it. I've been in show business since I was a little kid. I can handle it..."-Howie

"A fan did something really cute for me. She bought a big white tie and drew all the music notes and lyrics to 'I'll never break your heart' all the way up in a spiral design. It's awesome!"-Brian

What is most important?

"Having faith is most important to me. My family and I grew together while I was still a child and also very sickly. I don't think I would be here today if I didn't have faith in a higher power and in myself..."-Brian

"The fans are especially important to me, Without them we wouldn't be here..."-AJ

"Being kind is important. Taking everyday as it is without getting aggrressive or blowing off steam is something I try to accomplish. I don't believe in being mean to anyone. I'm really a peacful person..."-Nick

"Determination has to be the most important thing in life. Without it, where would anyone be?"-Kevin

On Touring...

"Normally, the first time we visit a new country we try to see the sites. More often however, we just get to see the hotel we are staying and the arena."-Howie

"Sometimes, I hate it. Once when we were traveling from Hamburg to Berlin on a tiny six-seater Lear jet we had to race against time to make the flight before the airport was closed for poor weather conditions. Once in the air the pilot dropped the wing making the tiny plane dive through the clouds-I was kissing myself good-bye!"-Brian

"The worst id the fact that we lose a lot of luggage. Lucky, we were never left behind. In fact, we used to have a little troll that would sit iup front in the tour bus. Whenever someone got off the bus, they would put it on a seat as a sign so the driver wouldn't take off without them."-Nick

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